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Listed here are the services we provide to academic and corporate clients. 

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Services: an overwiew

We provide a number of services to our customers,  academic and corporate. These may be analysis of the particular sequence for antibody project, vaccine project, antibody assay project and other. 

Please take into account that we use internal protocols in analysis performed for our clients for accessing one or another technical problem that were developed over the last 10 years. We also often use the newer, beta versions of the software, often more advanced that what is currently available online.

Epitopes for antibodies

Epitopes for for raizing Ab

A good antibody (specific/high affinity) requires a good epitope. Using peptide epitopes allows you to pre-define the properties of the antibody providing that you have adequate tools for selecting the epitope.

The sequence you choose should be of high antigenicity, well-accessible at the native molecule and be unique to avoid cross-reactivity with other proteins. EpiQuest Suite was originally developed for this purpose on the basis of our two decades experience of antibody development, internal and custom projects, and represents for today, probably, the best combination of programs for in silico prediction of the optimal epitope.

For academic scientists with a subscription for the EpiQuest Suite we perform one analysis (one antigen) free of charge, providing a detailed report that can further be used as the template for analysis of other molecules. 

If you are subscribed, just fill this form, and we will respond in 24 hours. 

If you are not subscribed to EpiQuest, we will perform the analysis for only $144.- or equal sum in your currency (please fill this form and we will send you a quotation. You will also be offered a special discounted price for production of the antigen (peptide, conjugate to carrier) and will be offered special pricing for antibody development at our partner company in Europe or USA.

We also provide these services for companies that produce their own monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. Our company undertakes contract for predicting the best peptide epitopes to develop mAbs and pAbs possessing properties according to client's specifications. If you company wants to greatly decrease the percentage of failed projects (that is unavoidable when using other current tools for epitope prediction), please  use the button below.

Epitopes for Antibody assay (academic)

Epitopes for Ab assay

We perform an analysis of multiple proteins associated with i.e. infections agent (virus) selecting the best epitiopes to be used either to develop diagnostic antibodies or to be used as synthetic antigen is ELISA, IFA, Lateral flow or other assays. 

We often participate in academic (or other non-commercial) projects and consortia) as a research partner to perform the tasks related to sequence analysis using our unique tools and experience. Please, write to us and we will suggest the best form of collaboration. 

As examples for such projects, we participate in the European Leishmania consortium or work with London Institute for Tropical Infections.  Please, contact us to discuss the project.

Epitopes for Antibody assay (commercial)

Epitope for Function-blocking mAb

We perform an analysis of multiple proteins associated with i.e. infections agent (virus) selecting the best epitiopes to be used either to develop diagnostic antibody or to be used as synthetic antigen is ELISA, IFA, Lateral flow or other assays. 

We work with various companies on development of assays for veterinary and human diagnostic kits, optimize the antigens for the antibody detection assays and for developing highly specific high affinity antibodies for antigen assay. 

We are prepared to offer you a cost-effective and clear scheme of reaching the required goal in the end of the service project. Please, contact us for more details and to discuss your project.

Mapping Epitopes for function-blocking antibodies

Mapping & Evaluating CTL epitopes

Using our unique technology and the software ActiveSite  we predict epitopes that allow you to raise function-blocking antibodies  against certain molecule (i.e. blocking a molecule's interaction with its receptor, other molecular partner, blocking virus assembly etc.

This service is available as commercial projects for both academic and industry clients.

Mapping & Evaluating CTL epitopes

Other Services

We perform analysis and assessment of relative strength for CTL epititopes of multiple proteins for selecting the most optimal to be included into vaccines and other uses.

Other services

We also offer different combinations of services and other protein analysis services related to B and CTL epitopes of the target molecules. This may be a service project, or a participation of our company as a partner in some externally funded program.

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