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EpiQuest Suite v4.1

Welcome to the site of EpiQuest Software. EpiQuest is a novel suite of programs used to analyse proteins, primarily for the prediction and evaluation of B and T epitopes. 

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B ant T cell epitope prediction program

EpiQuest® is a software suite that has been primarily designed to predict and evaluate B and T epitopes in silico. This set of programs allows the user to detect and to predict the immunodominance (relative strength), complexity (uniqueness), evolutionary stability, potential for mutation and other parameters of B and T-epitopes.

It has been created for academic individuals and companies involved in the design of new specific antibodies, neutralizing antibodies, diagnostic immunoassays, B and T - vaccines.

News & Updates

The note explains and illustrates by real-life example how to choose the most immunogenic epitopes from a series of sequences selected according to some other criteria


New technical note has been published in the How To section:

History Behind The Software

EpiQuest was started almost 10 years ago. Historically, Aptum Biologics and its predecessors were involved in antibody development for its own program, as well as custom antibodies. Our experience has clearly demonstrated that existing epitope predicting software has a lot of limitations and, although is capable sometimes predict particular B- epitopes in the protein sequence, most of the time the existing approaches to the problem are incapable to predict immunodominance of the epitope. After successfully developing software for the B-epitope prediction, we have further applied the same approach and created algorithms to characterize other features of B-epitopes and CTL epitopes.

Unique Algorithms

EpiQuest is based on unique algorithms developed by an informatics division of Aptum Biologics Ltd, a British biotechnology company. The program was also trained and evaluated using a unique set of peptide epitopes that were used by the company for antibody development and that were over the years fully characterized with respect to their immunogenicity and other properties. Now, EpiQuest is the most accurate program detecting linear epitopes within the protein primary sequence and their relative strength. You will find more about the algorithms you in sections of the particular program.

Layout & Presentation of the Results

EpiQuest allows you to save graphical results in a high-resolution, publication and presentation quality format; all the tabular results can be exported or used in office and presentation programs, such as MS Office and others. It also allows you to perform a number of analyses in one go with the results being presented at the same graphics (and table) output.



In recent years, the software received awards from several business

and biotech journals, like Global Health and Pharma (2020, 2021)

for innovation in Bioinformatics and Antibody Development.

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EpiQuest Suite (now version 4) has been developed for academic and business customers. It is available by subscription as online software located on secure servers and is easily accessible using Chrome-based or Mozilla web browsers. 

The software is primarily developed for researchers involved in antibody development, studies of humoral and cytotoxic immune response, development of diagnostic assays for viral and bacterial antigens, disease markers, specific antibody responses, and for development of vaccines. 

Some of our customers include: 


Updates & New Programs

EpiQuest Suite is constantly developing software, and we regularly release updates, new tolls and discuss new applications.

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EpiQuest Suite and site www.epiquest.co.uk belongs to Aptum Biologics Ltd.

EpiQuest® is a registered Trademark of Aptum Biologics Ltd.

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