Power of EpiQuest-B™: fast identification of immunodominant peptide epitopes for assay

EpiQuest-B is a unique software, based on an algorithm developed by Aptum Biologics Ltd. The program finds in silico antigenic epitopes and defines their relative immunogenicity, thus allowing to quickly and cost-effectively pinpoint the sites of immune response (and further using EpiQuest-C to select the epitopes with the highest immunological complexity, this unique and specific).

Originally EpiQuest-B was developed to evaluate immunogenicity of the peptide /protein sequences for humans and mice, but it successfully works for a number of other mammalian species, such as pigs, rabbits, dogs, goats, sheep. In a recently published study of Sima et al (2019), the analysis with EpiQuest-be allowed to identify epitopes to detect antibodies against the saliva antigen of a sand fly, the major source of Leishmania transmission.

Please see the original article for more details:

Sima, M., Ferencova, B., Bhattacharyya, T., Miles, M.A., Litvinov, S.V., Hailu, A., Baneth, G., and Volf, P. (2019). Synthetic peptides as a novel approach for detecting antibodies against sand fly saliva. PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases 13, e0007078. TO DOWNLOAD

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