Improving Cytotoxic Immune Response in vitro and in vivo

There are very few adjuvants, especially available for Research and Development, that can substantially change the cytotoxic immune response. Meanwhile, it is often very critical to know whether the reason for poor cytotoxic immune response is the vaccine itself or poor antigen. The proposed adjuvants, developed for use in human and animal vaccines are now made available via Aptum for researchers worldwide. They allow substantially improve the immune response in vitro and in vivo.

The key information about ImmAccel-T adjuvants:

  • The adjuvants are small (<2 KD) peptides that modulate the antigen processing of antigen in dendritic and other antigen-presenting cells

  • They are non-toxic (belong to compounds of the lowest toxicity (group VI), with 10.000 times the active dose still showing no acute toxic effects

  • They effectively boost specific CTL responses in vitro and in vivo

  • The adjuvants do not influence the response of CTLs to APCs with externally loaded peptides; the processing of antigen (including cross-presentation) is important.

  • For antigen T4 at high concentrations the non-specific stimulation of T-cell proliferation may be observed

For more information please visit the Aptum site

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