Responses of our Users



“Your software programme does seem to be much more useful compared to the multiple other epitope prediction methods that I have used”

Prof. A. Falconar (the leading expert on Dengue virus immunogenicity)

"The report sent by Aptum showed that EpIQuest-T software gave the highest score and therefore proposed as a strong CTL epitope, to one domain of the protein comprising 10 amino acids (aa). I am pleased to inform you that the proposed domain indudes the #1872 (9-aa) peptide that was experimentaliy validated in vivo as a strong CTL epitope. In additlon, the EpíQuest-T tool proposed other 3 domains as much weaker although potential CTL epitopes. One out of the 3 ís the in vivo validated peptide #1866 and we will test soon the other 2 domains proposed"

Dr. Juan J. Infante, PhD, Chief Scientific OfFicer

Bioorganic Research and Services, S.A. (Bionaturis)